Heijmisj Zain is synonymous with ‘singing with soul (Nesjomme)’. It is music where lyrics and melody are drenched in the ‘humour’ and melancholy that is so typical of the Yiddish/Jewish culture. Many of the songs originate in Eastern Europe and the U.S.A. and are about everyday subjects like love, sorrow and the fight for survival. Sometimes they are lullaby’s or nursery rhymes. In 2009 we had the Mauthausencylus translated into Yiddish and added it to our repertoire. On special occasions we sing these moving songs. We also strive to have new Yiddish lyrics written for existing Jewish songs. We have had Yiddish translations written for L’Chaim, Fiddler on the Roof (Anatevka) and the Sabbath Prayer from the musical.

In 2011 to expand our repertoire we choose poems by female Jewish poets as a basis for brand-new compositions.All this with the cooperation and the expertise of the Yiddish language author Willy Bril and the composer Peter Berman.